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Our past trainings: 38000

It is an in-depth qualitative Mystery Shopper study.
Quality Test TM, a unique research methodology, is created from scratch to match the needs of every project. The method is based on knowledge from the field of psychology of behaviours of the Polish consumer/B2B client, and on extensive, international practical experience of the SANA team. Last stage of the service is a workshop or Q&A session, during which you will learn how to effectively manage information obtained in the course of research.

We will be happy to tell you why Quality Test TM is characterized by best accuracy (it effectively measures staff behaviours), reliability (it has repeatable data quality in the consecutive waves of research), and is an efficient tool for managing teams, sales dynamics and qualitative goals.

It is an in-depth qualitative declaratory research conducted using the techniques of F2F, CATI, CAWI, CAPI, PAPI, often complemented by IDI, FGI and expert analyses conducted using projection techniques.
The strongest point of our surveys is high degree of consistency between research samples and project assumptions as to sample profiles, and unique data gathering formula which guarantees exceptionally high accuracy (effectively measures behaviours and processes), reliability (has repeatable data quality in consecutive measurements).

We will be happy to explain why Quality Study TM is an effective tool providing high quality data needed when building marketing strategies, sales strategies, and managing quantitative and qualitative goals of your organization.

It is a sales training, for groups or individuals, conducted using SANA proprietary technology which provides advanced, psychological sales knowledge, as well as enabling the participant to experience the emotions and cognitive processes which affect actual decisions of customers that the participant deals with in everyday work.
The training consists of two parts: stationary, combining the elements of interactive lecture, group/individual coaching, and action learning – and on the job training conducted in the participant’s working environment.

We will be happy to describe how Ex Sale TM trainings contribute to lasting change of sales behaviours, motivation, and work satisfaction.

It is a development program, for groups or individuals, conducted as a workshop or coaching session in four areas:
communication, emotional intelligence, individual motivations, styles of behaviours and personality features
team building, influence, management, leadership
resistance to stress, conflict, change
training the trainer/researcher.

We will be happy to explain how I Match TM programs contribute to lasting change of behaviour patterns, features, motivations and attitudes.

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Natalia Jaszczyk

Founder and managing director of SANA Consulting

Graduate and lecturer of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Psychologist with many years of experience in market research, sales trainings, development trainings and coaching. International professional experience from Scandinavia, southern Europe, and South-East Asia.

Her passion is designing proprietary, innovative, tailor-made tools for research, training, and development, combining interdisciplinary scientific knowledge (from the field of psychology, sports, and nutrition science) with practice. At work, her goal is to improve professional satisfaction and effectiveness of people who she meets on her projects.

In my work, I focus on the people. I am lucky, because I meet exceptional individuals, who are aware of their strong and weak points, open to experiences and change, looking for novelties and very strongly oriented towards development. They perceive development as a holistic change, not just of individual behaviours, but also of personality or character features, as well as everyday habits. It often happens that after a sales training I send its participants recipes for healthy cocktails which help them function efficiently during a hectic day at work. When providing feedback during a coaching session, or after a Mystery Shopper study, I frequently recommend sports solutions that fit participants’ needs and lifestyles. What makes me most satisfied is learning they really act on my advice!

Our firm comprises a team of coordinators, trainers and auditors. Our shared value is development, and our distinctive feature - individual commitment to every project, our love is psychology, health, and work-life balance. We believe that this mix of knowledge and energy enables us to deliver a high quality, specialized service. We will be happy to deliver it to you!

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